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Passenger Safety

Safety is our absolute number one priority. Health and safety are non-negotiable and non-debatable. There is no room for compromise. We take our passengers' travel safety very seriously. We understand that trust is essential when you are up in the skies. Airble has a high standard of safety. We have a thorough vetting process when choosing air operators and demand that regulations are enforced. To sign on with us, it is mandatory for air operators to have all relevant certification, safety commitments, and experienced pilots. We only partner with the most professional air operators who adhere to the safety guidelines instructed by the Government of Canada, Transport Canada, and US governmental bodies. These guidelines can be viewed here:
Canada and USA

General Health + Safety

The effects of the global pandemic have changed things. The aviation industry is no exception. New rules and measures must be followed to ensure all parties are safe when stepping into an aircraft. These measures are new and changing often, and it is important for us to ensure the safety and overall comfort of passengers and staff.

We have taken all measures to mitigate COVID-19 risk and maintain passenger comfort at all times. Our rules and regulations are maintained during, before and after flights so that everyone is comfortable and safe while travelling.

Air Operator Safety

We hold a high standard for the air operators we partner with- aircraft safety is no exception. To create a safe and comfortable experience for all, we insist that government regulations in the United States and Canada are followed by air operators. These regulations can be found here:
Canada and USA
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