Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Airble?
Does Airble have a mobile app?
What are the advantages of using Airble?
Who are Airble’s service providers?
How do I contact my service provider if I have any questions regarding the service I selected?
Does Airble have a fleet?
What kind of aircraft are available to the Airble community?
Which services are offered through Airble?
How do I create and book a private charter or tour?
How do I create a shared flight or tour?
How can I book individual seats on an existing shared flight or tour?
What kind of identification documents do I need to fly?
Where and when do I check-in for my flight or tour?
What types of payment does Airble accept?
What happens if the service provider facilitating my booking cancels?
What happens if I cancel my booking?
What happens if I arrive late for my flight departure?
What is your luggage policy?
What is your policy on pets and service animals? Can my pet or service animal travel with me?
How can I change or cancel my booking?
Where can I find my service provider’s policies or terms and conditions?
How can I get in contact with Airble for assistance?
Can I change the ticket holder’s name? Is my booking transferable?
Can I change existing passenger information or add additional passengers to my booking?
Can I change the date, time, or destination of my booking?
Can I upgrade my aircraft type and size after the booking confirmation?
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